Intent and overview

Collyhurst provides an holistic curriculum, which seeks to develop the whole child and is underpinned by the ‘Collyhurst Constants’:


Be Happy


Be Kind


Be Safe


Be Brave

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Be Curious

These are not only the expectations that we have of children, but also our aims for them in the future. 


The curriculum delivery is a balance between the direct teaching and practise of sequential knowledge and skills, and ample provision access. Quality, child initiated learning through play is supported by expert adult interaction, following an in the moment and child-led planning model which enables the development of cumulative knowledge and skills. 


The sequential knowledge has been carefully planned, to ensure that it is delivered in the best possible order to help children know and remember more. This can be seen clearly in the progression of the reading and phonics curriculum. In most of the prime areas, children’s learning is cumulative. Adults plan activities but also provide open-ended opportunities for children to learn and explore in provision time. Because our practitioners have such good knowledge of their children and the school’s curriculum, they are able to interact in these moments to teach and extend children’s knowledge.

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Collyhurst Constants

Here at Collyhurst Nursery school, we support children to regulate their emotions and behaviour. To see how we do this, please click here.